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“What is WebFire?  WebFire is a training site designed by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz to help online marketers achieve greater results.   The software consists of easy to use training tutorials and training tools. The training tools are designed to achieve better on-page and off-page search engine results for your website.  In addition to the SEO training and tools, the co-founders also provide an affiliate program. …

Get Your Site Fully Optimised

This program reveals how to do it

Shawn Casey and Brian Koz wanted to help other internet marketers get their sites on high ranking blogs, ezines, etc and have produced WebFire which has tools that are easy to use and training on the best way to use them.

They include keyword backlinks, site analysis, site rank tracker and submit your site.  The Submit Your Site’ tool. allows you to submit a specific blog post or article to 86 different search engines and directories targeting a specific keyword within your niche.  This tool is very powerful.  When you follow the training specifically, you should see immediate improvement in your search engine rankings.  I have found this tool very easy to use.


How can WebFire benefit you and your website?  If you take advantage of the training tutorials provided, your website should see an marked improvement in search engine rankings.  Likewise, that means more traffic to your website.  There are numerous tools provided.  Take each tool and training one at a time.  The founders suggest you take each training step by step, one by one, and don’t get overwhelmed.  With a long term process using these tools, your website will dramatically improve in SEO rankings.

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Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Search Engine Optimization is difficult to achieve on your own, particularly if your website is brand new.   But Shawn Casey and Brian Koz promise to get you to the first page of Google in under a week.   Can they do it?  Those who have used their program say that they can.

A lot of tools are provided as is training on how they work and the best way to use them.  As soon as you join and log into your account you are invited to try out 3 of the programs.   A keyword tool is provided and you are told which are the most searched for keywords.  Also provided are articles for you to use on your blog, etc and a tool to spin them.



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