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You Can Get 2

You Can Get 2

So says the owner and producer of I Can Get 2.   This is all it needs to earn unbelievable money on the internet.

It works the same as investing $1.00 at compount interest where it doubles every day: Read More…

Instant Blog Subscribers gets you subscribers

“f you are looking for more exposure, an incredible source of HUNGRY people, eager to read what you have to say… Or simply wish you could get your message out to more people… INSTANT BLOG SUBSCRIBERS will change the way you are positioned online forever. The site is called Instant Blog Subscribers and no matter if you are a seasoned blogger or have never made even your first ‘Post’ – this site is going to put your message in front of hundreds of people instantly!!!” …

Learn How To Get Instant Blog Subscribers

Get Subscribers without them needing to fill anything in.

This program is the brainchild of Walt Bayliss who has produced many inovative program to make things easier for those who subscribe to them.   He finds out what people want to help them in their marketing and then provides it.

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Have you ever lost all your data?

Have you ever lost all your data?

Most people have, before the advent of the internet people lost things by misplacing them, having them stolen, in floods, by fire, etc.   It can still be lost by these methods.   People put things on the internet and their computers, mobile phones, etc thinking they are safe.  They are as long as the hard drive they are stored on doesn’t crash, or scammers don’t gain access to your computer.

Most people know that they should back things up, but don’t bother because they don’t have the facility to do so.  The reasons they don’t is because they think it is too expensive (in some cases it is), to hard, etc.   They do have the facility to do so and forget to do so and if it is mechanical means they do not have access to it. Read More…

Plug and Play Sites

There are quite of few of these sort of sites where they are set up for you and you are told that all you have to do is advertise them. They are also called A Business in a Box.

One of the oldest of these sorts of programs is Stone Evens PlugInProfitSite. He advertises it by promising to build those who sign up a website. He has been doing this for about 15 years and the programs he suggests you join when you subscribe change over time. But you don’t have to join all of them.

Some are free but with an upgrade option, others are free for a month, for you to try it out, after which you have to pay. Some have monthly, others have yearly subscriptions. Read More…

How Not To Fall For False Scam Allegations

Once again, the (extremely) small minority of mud slingers have been at it with a mind numbingly dull and frankly uninformative article in the Sunday papers recently.  Now, hey what do I know about anything. I’m fairly new to all this, but what I can tell you is MAP works, I have made and withdrawn money and intend to continue to do so. ” …

MAP and the Scam Exposers

How to Tell if They are Legitimate

As soon as a program get well know there are those who will accuse it of being a scam and try to get it shut down.   How do you know if they have a point and you shouldn’t join or if they haven’t and you should.   

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