Autoresponders: What Do They Do?

Their main function is to allow someone to put messages in them to be sent to those who subscribe to a program owned by the person who is putting them in, or is an affiliate to someone elses program.

What the messages say depends on what the site is about. Whatever topic you can think of is likely to have people having a website about it. But whatever one of their sites is about they are likely to have site under the general title internet marketing. This could be an advertising site, hosting, an autoresponder, etc

Autoresponders What sort should you choose

There are 2 basic sorts of autoresponders: those you host yourself on your website and those hosted by someone else. Many people use the first sort with success, but they have a really bad drawback in that someone could complain to your hosting company that you have spammed them and they shut down your site. It is not worth this risk. It is much better to go for an external one.

But even here you should be careful the same thing can happen and there are cases where this has happened. That is why I recommend that the autoresponder you choose belongs to an internet marketer.

As I said in the last post my autoresponder of choice is the one that comes with Host Then Profit.
The whole package only costs $9.97 a month and you can even join for $1.00. Another benefit is that it has a high deliverability rate. Many do not. If your subscribers don’t get the emails you send they won’t buy from you.

Autoresponders: What Next

Now you have signedup for your autoresponder (hopefully Pure Leverage) what do you do now. You will want to put messages in it. You may be thinking “I don’t know what to say”. No problem. All the programs you join provide messages for you to put into your autoresponder.

All of this is dealt with by Janet Legere in C L B.

We have looked at autoresponders in this post and recommended that you use the one
that comes with Host Then Profit. There are good reasons for this:

1. It comes with allied tools
2. It is affordable for everyone.
3. It is easy to use.
4. It has good deliverability.

You were also invited to check out Contact List Builder for the tools they offered.



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