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Would you like to make money while advertising your opportunity or services. Of course you would. Did big bosses like Google, Facebook, And other big sites paying you, While advertising. Well, They don’t. When you try to advertise on these big sites. When you get clicks you pay for it. Let me give you an example here…

Review of My Advertising Pays

Here You Are Paid For Advertising 

When you advertise you pay in either money or time and in some cases both.  There is no guarantee that anyone will even subscribe let alone purchase anything.  It can also cost you a lot of money.

M Ahrar Khan looks at this on Building A Brand Online

My Advertising Pay Full Review

How MAPs works?
Let’s talk in numbers here: Once you buy 20CP, You will get 550 Credits for each Credit Pack which you can use for advertising your offer. Now you will have to click 10 ads per day every 24 hours in order to be eligible to get profit share.

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Join and Both Advertise and Earn Money

You put in a link to either your own program or your affiliate link.  But there are 2 parts to this and the second involves buying a credit pack.   The more you buy the quicker you make money, but you can buy a few packs and take longer to make it.   If you purchase a lot to start with you either buy more out of your earnings, or use them to purchase more.  This means that you only have to pay once.   You also benefit from those who subscribe under you.



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