Do SEO And Content Work Together

“Over the past year, headlines have been flying around telling the story of “content marketing is replacing SEO” or “SEO is dead, content marketing has taken over”. In many situations, the two are made out to be total rivals – who will win: content marketing or SEO?” …

Does SEO Work – Has It Ever Worked

Some Say It Did, But Doesn’t Now

As with everything else you have to define what you mean by SEO.  If you mean stuffing keywords on your site to fool the Search Engines, it doesn’t  work and never has in the long run. But SEO does work and always has if you do it properly.  But it has changed.   Now, Content Is King in a way it never was previously.   And the way you get your blog on to the first page of the Search Engines is with Content, but here again it has to be done correctly.   The question of what sort of Content and where it is to be found as has to be answered.

An article by Anna Francis in Search Engine Journal answers this

It Is Not One Or The Other: SEO And Content Work Together

“The reality is, there should be no showdown between the two, they should be working together seamlessly to boost your search marketing efforts and no business should be choosing one over the other.  If you choose to just create regular content without doing any SEO, you may have an incredible read that no one can actually find to share and engage with. Alternatively, if you have some great technical SEO but no content, then your audience isn’t going to be able to build a relationship with you.”

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The Correct Content On Your Blog Makes It SEO Friendly

But what is the best content?  It is what others are looking for.  Where do you get it?  There are many ways to get content on your posts.  You can produce your own, but this is time consuming and many people struggle to find things to say.  Reading what others have to say on the topic you want to write about for inspiration can overcome this.   You can take what they say and write an article in your own words.  You can also use Content Curation taking a paragraph from a blog, newspaper, etc and put it on your blog, with a link back to the original source.    More will be said about this in later posts.



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