Genesis Global Network And Other Programs

Genesis Global Network And Other Programs

GGN LogoIf you have not already done so, or wish to remind yourself what it said, please visit the first post about Genesis Global Network (GGN):

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Wanting to do the same with this post I looked on the internet to see if I could find anything, but couldn’t, or at least nothing up to date.   Most of them were done last year.   Naturally I found some negative ones.   For how to evaluate these please read

There are differences, naturally, between a brick and mortar business and one on the internet, but the thing to bear in mind is that they are both businesses.   As you were told in the first post GGN aims to be an internet department store.   On the 1st August 2015 I attended a webinar where the owner told us about some new programs that were going to join GGN.   Which brings us to a difference between a brick and mortar business and one on the internet.   In the former you have to decide how many departments you want in your store and erect the building and get all of them in before you open, but with the internet you can open with a couple and add to them as you go along.

A similarity between them is that one of manufacturers.  You would not expect to go to a department store and only be offered one brand of clothes, household goods, costmetics etc and we were told that the same will apply to GGN.

One of the first programs to join them was a health and wellness one see   Another was a holiday firm and one of the new ones is another.   There is also a Mall, Groceries, Social Networking.   Another new one is a Forex program.   They will be introduced via a webinar on Monday 3 August.

You may remember that they have a legal department and any alliances they make has to be checked by them and they do not tell their affiliates about it before things are signed and settled.   GGN has alliances with the businesses which join them, they are not affiliates as one person suggested.   And the program certainly did not close down wither the owner disappearing in February as another suggested.






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