Have you ever lost all your data?

Have you ever lost all your data?

Most people have, before the advent of the internet people lost things by misplacing them, having them stolen, in floods, by fire, etc.   It can still be lost by these methods.   People put things on the internet and their computers, mobile phones, etc thinking they are safe.  They are as long as the hard drive they are stored on doesn’t crash, or scammers don’t gain access to your computer.

Most people know that they should back things up, but don’t bother because they don’t have the facility to do so.  The reasons they don’t is because they think it is too expensive (in some cases it is), to hard, etc.   They do have the facility to do so and forget to do so and if it is mechanical means they do not have access to it.

But all of these are taken care of by a new program which is being launched to the public.  It has been available, pre-launch for some time.  It is the latest program from Joel Therien and his GoGVO group of programs.   There are 2 parts to it the actual backup software and an affiliate program for you to promote it.

They are completely seperate and are paid for seperately, but you do not have to pay for the affiliate part of you are promoting Pure Leverage (as I am).

Have you ever lost your data? – What do you get

As usual, before writing this post I checked to see what others were saying about it.   I found quite a few who were not members of the program.   Most of them did review how it works, but in the main they concentrated on the opportunity.   This was because those who were promoting it did the same.   They thought that it would have been better if they had said more about the program.

How Much Do You Pay

There are 3 payment options, which in turn are divided into 2, yearly (cheaper) and monthly.   The most popular on the grounds most people have more than 1 devise, is the:

Family Plan

-$14.99 per month, or $12.99 per month when paying annually

-Unlimited backups for 5 computers or devices, with 5 separate accounts

Also available are:

Personal Backup

-$8.99 per month, or $7.99 per month when paying annually

-Unlimited backups for 1 computer or device


Backup & Share

-$13.99 per month, or $11.99 per month when paying annually

-Unlimited backups for 1 computer or device

-Sync your files between other computers

What else is involved

On the whole those on the outside who reviewed it were impressed by the program.   Some compared it to other similar programs and agreed that it was better.    It is certainly very much ‘set and forget’.  You download the sortware, tell it what to backup i.e. everything and it does just that.   Every time something new is added, be it a program, pictures, etc on the computer it backs it up and keeps it backed up.

If and when  you computer’s hard drive crashes (as mine did) and wipes everything off, all you have to do is tell it to download everything and it does.

What about making money by promoting it.   As many of them pointed out you will be one of many who are doing so.  One of them recommended that you get them on your list by giving them something else, such as a book, videos, etc and then recommend this, and other programs.    This is advice that Joel Therien and others recommended.   It is called Building Your List.

Another thing that Joel Therien does for those who join his programs is place adverts in various places and pay a very small amount for guaranteed leads.  The say this works is that the websites where they sign up are rotated and the lead goes to the person whose site they sign up from.   They are invited to keep in touch with them.

Which bring us back to Pure Leverage, which is a suite of tools all internet marketers need, among which is an autoresponder.   It also contains a blog, conference room and a video producer.    All of them only cost 24.95, not much more than the starting price for other autoresponders, such as Aweber.    The deliverability is as good if not better.   In addition, as mentioned above  if you decide to promote Pure Leverage you can also promote Got Backup with no extra cost.

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