Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

In the last post you were told that this one would review Health and Wellness and that one of the programs in Genesis dealt with this topic.   Unfortunately I cannot give you a personal review of it as it is only available in the US.   But I can speak on this topic generally and also specificially about Aloe Vera.

This is a passion of mine.  I live in Bristol in the West of England, which is the home of our Soil Association, who I am a member of.   It keeps its eyes on how things are grown, animals are feed and treated.   We have quite a few Farmers’ Markets and I buy most of my food from them.   But I also buy from our local shops, being thankful that we have an independent butchers and fruit and vegtable shops near where I live.

The Soil Association and others keep their eyes on what the big corporations such as Monsanta are doing and if they think it is not for our good fight them and in most cases win.   They keep us informed and ask us to do the same.

What so often happens someone with vision sees what is happening, what needs to be done and initiates a program to deal with it, tell people about it etc.   When they do the others cry them down, but when people start listening, etc they jump on the bandwagon.   We have had scares about our food in the UK among which were foot and mouth disease, horse meat and other things going into our food, which has caused people to question where their food was coming from and what exactly was in it.

This caused many of our TV programs, both the BBC and Commercial to put programs on asking that question.   What they had to say made me glad that I knew where my food was coming from, as I could ask before I bought, something no one can do if they buy meat, etc at supermarkets.

Most people think that their skin is there to keep their internal organs protected, but they are wrong, it is an organ itself and the biggest in your body.   What you put on it gets absorbed into the body.   Many skin care products and cosmetics contain harmfull ingredients, often cancer causing.   From their adverts you would think that their products are made out of natural ingredients, but most of the time this is untrue.  What they are made of are synthetic ingredients.

If you want to know more please visit my Health and Beauty Naturally blog.

What else is available via Genesis will be reviewed in later posts.







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