How Not To Fall For False Scam Allegations

Once again, the (extremely) small minority of mud slingers have been at it with a mind numbingly dull and frankly uninformative article in the Sunday papers recently.  Now, hey what do I know about anything. I’m fairly new to all this, but what I can tell you is MAP works, I have made and withdrawn money and intend to continue to do so. ” …

MAP and the Scam Exposers

How to Tell if They are Legitimate

As soon as a program get well know there are those who will accuse it of being a scam and try to get it shut down.   How do you know if they have a point and you shouldn’t join or if they haven’t and you should.   

 This year (2015) we celebrate the 800th Anniversery signing of the  Magna Carta, which provides the basis of the Constitution and Laws of all English speaking nations.   According to English Law the burden of proof rests on the accuser, whether that is the State or an individual.   So what proof do these people provide?   The answer is Not Much, if any.  

Some of the accusations are based on who they do and do not associate with.  Accusations are made against those who have joined the program and the payment processor(s) used or not used.


I don’t know why (well I have my theories) Advertising Executives with many years of experience running apparently busy successful Advertising Agencies, find the time or inclination to try and discredit  My Advertising Pays

Most people have failed chapters in their lives and most move on. 
But, for some reason some folks reckon other peoples mistakes are far worse than their own

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How Does MAP Work?

You join and put your link in the appropriate place.   You are given a month to try it, but afterwards you have to pay for 6 months to be a member.  There are different levels.  But it is only the first time that you have to pay this.  After you can pay with credits earned.

You also have to buy credit packs.  They cost $49.95 each and you get $60.00 for each.  You are advised to purchase 20 or as many as you can afford.  Again you only have to purchase the first lot, the next can be purchased from earnings.   If you buy 20 it takes 3 days to get enough to buy another pack.  So in a month you can another 10 and the time frame goes down.  

Those who tell you it is a scam do not mention this, telling you how much they think you will have to pay and how much you will earn.  Their arithmetic does not add up to those in the know.   

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