How To Handle Reviews

How To Handle Reviews

We are advised to check out programs before joining them.  How do you do this, particually if they don’t actually launch but go into pre-launch?  And how do we know what reviews to accept and what to reject?

If a lot of people join a program either when it has been launched or in pre-launch, or there has been a lot of publicity about it you will find negative reviews.   But how do you know if they are legitimate, or just rants against the program and in some cases those who have joined it?

Is like being compared to like?  There are different sorts of programs all of which come under various heading and sub-headings, such Advertising and Traffic Exchanges.   But each program is different and has aspects missing from others.  Are these taken into consideration, or is it lumped with similar programs, many of which have failed and dismissed.

I would suggest you look at the language used and also how comments on what is said in the review is handled.  Let us look at this in more detail.

How To Handle Reviews: Language Used

Ask yourself if the program is being reviewed or the owners and those who join.

What if anything they say about the owners.   Do they review their other programs and/or the programs of others they have joined.

If they have failed are they dismissed as being scams.   Programs fail for a lot of reasons.   It is said that those that set up internet businesses 95% fail.   Surely it cannot be said that they are all scams.   Brick and Mortar businesses also fail.

How comments on what they say is handled.   Are those who disagree with the comments treated as enemies with suggestions that they are lying.

If any of the above happen it is wise to be on your guard and ask yourself if those doing the reviewing are not mirroring on to others their own views and behaviour.   It is said that what we say about others says more about us than it says about them.

How To Handle Reviews: Do You Join Or Not

Some programs can be joined for free, particularly when it is in pre-launch but has to be paid for when it is launched.

The questions you should ask yourself is: Can I pay this each month? Will I be able to get enough people to join under me?  What is it offering and is it worth the monthly subscription?

If you think you can answer yes to all the above then join.   Even if you can only answer yes to the last question I would go ahead and try it out.

How To Handle Reviews: Should You Comment?

If you feel you should I would suggest that you:

Comment on what they say and if it is not correct put it right.

Don’t make personal comments about the reviewer.   This only re-inforces their negative comments and plays into their hands.

If they don’t answer what you say but mount a personal attack on you, I would ignore what they say and ask them to answer your comment.

If they don’t stop responding.

I hope you find this helpful.





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