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Internet Tools: How Should We Keep In Touch

One of the first things that Janet Legere mentions is the need to keep in touch with those who have subscribed to a program you have advertised is by a blog with your name on it. So mine is, Janet’s is and yours will be whatever your name is.

But this is not her only blog she has others, including her blog and so have I including this one:

When people started using the internet to market all that was available were static websites that people either had to pay for others to do, or learn HTML and do it themselves. But then came the WYSISYG (what you see is what you get) editor which provides buttons to bold, italisize, etc what you put in and converts to the appropriate HTML. Then blog software came on the market. There are quite a few different blog platforms but the one most people use is WordPress.

Initially you had to instal and configure it yourself, but then others stepped in and provided platforms for you to instal it and they can be found on the cpanel of most hosting companies. All you have to do is put in some information and it is done for you, including setting up your MYSQL which some don’t like. This tool provides a WYSISYG editor, but one of Janet Legere’s partners says that it provides code so that what appears on your blog is not how it should be. This will be looked at in a later post.

Internet Tools: What Should You Put On Your Blog

There are more than one answer to this, it could mean do you put text, pictures, videos, etc and also what you should say and where you should get your content from. You can write your own, rewrite PLR material, curate material from other sources, etc. These and other methods will be looked at in later posts.

On Saturday 18th January 2014 in her training Janet Legere looked at on of these methods and told us how to do it This was how to put a video on your blog. She recommended using a webcam, taking the code and putting it on YouTube and similar programs if you belong to them.

Another good place to put it is in the video producing service which is part of a suite of tools provided by GoGVO called PureLeverage if you are a member of it. A post on it will be done later.

Internet Tools: What Content Should You Have?

This depends on what your blog is about no one wants to subscribe to a blog about health and find out that it is about internet marketing. If you know what your blog is going to be about there are many ways and places you can get content to put on it. If you don’t know there are various ways of finding out. One ways is to look in Amazon and see what books, magazines, etc have the most customers.

Another is to see what the titles are that Dummy books have been published in and how popular they are. The more people are buying books, etc on a topic they more there are to become potential customers. You see what others are offering and think of something you can add to give you a selling advantage.

We will be looking at the various methods in more depth in later blogs.

In this post we looked at how to use your blog to keep in touch with your subscribers and what you should put on it. In the next one we look at what others have to say about blog content.



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