List Building Growth

List building, though crucial, is not the glamorous stuff. It’s what most are unwilling to do. It’s time-consuming and the payoff is far from immediate. There’s no magic bullet, and being proactive is a must.

Focus on Growth When Building Your List

Then Develop A Profitable Relationship With Them


If you don’t build your list you will only have a one time contact with those who visit your site, even if they buy from you.  If you build your list you will be able to interest them in other programs, both your own and those you are an affiliate to.

Only a small number of those who subscribe, around 20% will buy from you and that is the reason you should concentrate on growing your list.  Some of them will be what many marketers call freebie seekers.  People join lists and do nothing.   But there are many reasons people do this.   It may be that they cannot afford what you are offering them now, but will join later, when they can.

But some do nothing to start with and if you keep in touch they will look into what you have to offer them.  


A post on Christine Gallagher’s Blog She Has Got Clients looks at this

List Building: The Truth Of Why You Need to Focus on Growth

She Has Got Clients

Every speaking opportunity, every press opportunity, any situation you are in where you get visibility–begin looking at them as opportunities for you to build your list.

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You Must Keep On Building Your List

As only 20% of those who become your subscribers will purchase from you it is necessary for you to be continually building your list.   You must also keep in touch with them.  Among the best ways to do that is via your blog, holding conferences and conversing with them on Skype.



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