Why Use Autoresponders

Why Use Autoresponders

There are many ways of keeping in touch with subscribers and others who you meet on the internet, but most of them have the drawback that those who want to keep in touch have to be available at the same time and with some only a limited number can participate at the same time.   Autoresponders do not have these drawbacks.

With them you can put messages in and tell them when to send them.   A series of messages can be put in with instructions to send them out a day, a couple of days, a week, etc after the previous one.   With these messages they are sent out in sequence the first after they join, so different people receive them on different days.   You can also send out Broadcast Messages to everyone at the same time, at whatever time, and/or day you want to send.

Some Autoresponders require those who use them to host them on their website.   Those that use them do so because they are usually cheaper than using an external one such as Aweber, Get Response.   But it is not worth the risk.   If someone complains that you are scamming them you are on your own, particularly if you don’t operate a double optin policy.  This means that require them to click on a link in the email you send them asking them to confirm that they wish to join and it was them requesting it and not someone else.

Which Autoresponder is the Best

My personal choose is the one supplied by GVO.   It is part of their hosting package and with Pure Leverage.   This means that it is part of a package and not a stand alone one like Aweber, Get Response, etc.   Another good reason for choosing it is because they don’t increase the amount they charge no matter how many subscribers you get unlike the others.

This post was being done on Saturday 8th March 2014 and this was the topic of a talk from Janet Legere for her Saturday Training.  She asked us which one we used and if we used more than one which was our main one.  Nearly everyone said GVO.  She was pleased and said it was her’s too.

Autoresponder: What Should Your Messages Contain

She asked us if we, like everyone else, fell for the ‘latest shiny object’ and we had to admit that we had.  She suggested doing a message about it and put it in our autoresponder.   Other messages should include messages asking them to get in touch, and giving them means to do so i.e. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You don’t have to do long messages only have to say why we had bought, joined etc, ask them to check it out and then get in touch to discuss it.

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Safelists How To Make Them Work For You

Safelists are used to spread your promotions all over the internet for free, but with the birth of dozens of safelists every day, the results may be disappointing. .”

What Are The Best Offers For Safelists?

Not All Adverts Work Well On Safelists

All Safelists and credit based lists offer a free service and also upgrades.  Which is best depends on if you have more time than money or more money than time.  But how well you do with safelists depends on what you are advertising.   Some things do not do well at all.  But these can be overcome.

These are places to advertise and other places to advertise, such as Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, do well as do courses and free or low cost services.   One thing you must do before placing adverts in them, or any where else is ensure you have an autoresponder set up. Read More…

Pros and Cons of Advertising on the Internet

“We believe at least 25% of the revenue we earn currently could move to video. It also unlocks a new set of advertisers, who were earlier going to television,” Tewari added.

Internet Advertising

Pros and Cons of Internet Advertising

LogoEach form of advertising has its pros and cons and some of these will be looked at here. The earliest form of advertising on the internet were Safelists and Traffic Exchanges and these will be looked at in more depth in later posts.

Initially they were successful but as more and more people used them they ceased to be so successful and people started to look for different ways to advertise.  Many people now use  Social Media sites.  Some of them, like SoKule, started out as advertising sites for internet marketers.  Others, like Facebook, only provided quite some time afterwards.

Which brings us to one of the Cons:  Legitimate companies are being flooded with fake Likes on Facebook — and they’re being generated in part by abuse of Facebook’s own advertising tools. Read More…

List Building Growth

List building, though crucial, is not the glamorous stuff. It’s what most are unwilling to do. It’s time-consuming and the payoff is far from immediate. There’s no magic bullet, and being proactive is a must.

Focus on Growth When Building Your List

Then Develop A Profitable Relationship With Them


If you don’t build your list you will only have a one time contact with those who visit your site, even if they buy from you.  If you build your list you will be able to interest them in other programs, both your own and those you are an affiliate to.

Only a small number of those who subscribe, around 20% will buy from you and that is the reason you should concentrate on growing your list.  Some of them will be what many marketers call freebie seekers.  People join lists and do nothing.   But there are many reasons people do this.   It may be that they cannot afford what you are offering them now, but will join later, when they can.

But some do nothing to start with and if you keep in touch they will look into what you have to offer them. Read More…

Keeping In Touch

Internet Tools: How Should We Keep In Touch

One of the first things that Janet Legere mentions is the need to keep in touch with those who have subscribed to a program you have advertised is by a blog with your name on it. So mine is adrienne-franklin.com, Janet’s is janetlegere.com and yours will be whatever your name is.

But this is not her only blog she has others, including her contactlistbuilder.com blog and so have I including this one: internettoolsforall.com.

When people started using the internet to market all that was available were static websites that people either had to pay for others to do, or learn HTML and do it themselves. But then came the WYSISYG (what you see is what you get) editor which provides buttons to bold, italisize, etc what you put in and converts to the appropriate HTML. Then blog software came on the market. There are quite a few different blog platforms but the one most people use is WordPress. Read More…

The internet must preserved as a tool of democracy

“If the internet is the road system for the digital world, then the world wide web is the car – the tool we use daily for work and play.” …

The internet must preserved as a tool of democracy

The Internet Must Stay Democratic 25 years on

There are plans to make the internet less democratic. This must be resisted says Tim Berners-Lee, who is the person mainly responsible for it being in existence. He resisted patenting it wanting it to be free for all. He wonders if this is possible and asks if we should accept Government and commercial control of the it now that it “has reached a level of maturity where ownership and control becomes inevitable?”


An article in the Guardian looks at this

Two decades on, we must preserve the internet as a tool of democracy

The Guardian

It is nearly 25 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote his initial proposal for a distributed information system based on hypertext, in March 1989. “Vague, but exciting,” was how supervisor Mike Sendall greeted the idea, proposed to help connect the work of several thousand atom-smashing scientists, researchers and administrators at Cern – the European home of nuclear research and the large hadron collider.

Read More At: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/12/web-tool-democracy-tim-berners-lee

We must not allow big companies to dictate to us

The internet is still free and we must keep it that way. The big corporations and those countries with dictatorships want to stop this because it will stop people exposing what they are doing that they don’t want us to know about. Because it is free to use it doesn’t mean that we can put what we like on it, particularly if it endangers others with freedoms come responsibilities. We are told to be careful when disposing of personal information as others could get hold of it and use it against us.


Autoresponders: What Do They Do?

Their main function is to allow someone to put messages in them to be sent to those who subscribe to a program owned by the person who is putting them in, or is an affiliate to someone elses program.

What the messages say depends on what the site is about. Whatever topic you can think of is likely to have people having a website about it. But whatever one of their sites is about they are likely to have site under the general title internet marketing. This could be an advertising site, hosting, an autoresponder, etc Read More…

Internet Tools Why I Use The Ones I Do

Internet Tools: Why I Use The Ones I Do

The way most people get into internet marketing is by putting something like make money from home, home business, etc into Google and seeing what comes up that interests them. That was how I got into internet marketing. Some people do it to supplement their income and want to keep on working. Others, like myself, do it to supplement their pension. Which tells you that I am over 60. In fact I am in my late 70’s.

Like everyone else I use the tools I do because of what I chose to click on in the above mentioned search. Like others I tried one thing and then another. I knew I needed to get together with others and receiving help from those who were already established internet marketers. Some of the tools people use are provided by people who are not themselves internet marketers. But the ones I will be recommending in this post are. Read More…

Welcome To Internet Tools For All

Welcome To Internet Tools For All

More and more people are setting up internet businesses, and wonder what they need to start one. And also how much they will cost. It was not long ago that some of the tools an internet marketer needed were an expense with no way of making them not an expense, but an investment. But this is no longer the case. Everything needed can not be looked at as an expense because they have an affiliate element to them. Everything I will be recommending comes into this category. Read More…