Pitfalls To Avoid

“Emailing your consumers is turning into a form of social engagement, and there’s no sign of it ceasing. Knowing the old strategies and ignoring the new ones can lead to an unorganized and ineffective mess of email blasts. Here are 8 ways to screw up your strategy. Let’s hope you’re not committing these email crimes.” …

Errors To Avoid When Email Marketing

Don’t Fall Into These And Your Marketing Will Be More Successful

One of the first things you should not do is forget that most people read their emails on their mobile phones, ipads, etc and not on computers.  You should have more media i.e. pictures, videos, etc than text.

Make your subject eye catching, if you don’t it won’t be opened.  People get far too many emails and are likely to unsubcribe if they don’t contain useful interesting content.

If they are being sent to Social Media sites remember these are social media sites  and treat them as such.

An article in Business 2 Community looks at this.

How To Avoid These Pitfalls In Your Marketing


“Email marketing is advancing in big ways – it’s all about individualization, organic engagement, and humanization, just like any other form of outreach. Think of email marketing as a seamless extension of your marketing campaign as a whole, not an individual strategy separate from your social media outlet schemas. Email remains a powerful channel because it bridges all devices – mobile, tablet, and PC. How can you not take advantage?”

Read More At: http://www.business2community.com/email-marketing/screw-email-marketing-0800374#lK4ZYVEzZ7LjFGdO.99

Email Marketing Is Changing

Email marketing is still very much used as a form of marketing, but it is changing, particularly where people are accessing their emails.  Now they are much more likely to do so on their mobile phone, ipad, etc than on a computer.  You have to take this into account when you utilise it.



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