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There are quite of few of these sort of sites where they are set up for you and you are told that all you have to do is advertise them. They are also called A Business in a Box.

One of the oldest of these sorts of programs is Stone Evens PlugInProfitSite. He advertises it by promising to build those who sign up a website. He has been doing this for about 15 years and the programs he suggests you join when you subscribe change over time. But you don’t have to join all of them.

Some are free but with an upgrade option, others are free for a month, for you to try it out, after which you have to pay. Some have monthly, others have yearly subscriptions.


One of the programs is always an autoresponder for you to get the name and email address of those who want to know more. Stone Evans asks for your login details and puts a series of emails that are sent to those who subscribe.

You may be think that it sounds alright, but how do you know that it is not a scam and you may be wasting your time, money, or both if you join. You are more than likely to go to Google and find out, but again how do you know if you find a program which promises a review and you find that it is negative about the program that they are not just saying this to get you to join their program.

I have a website built by Stone and am very happy with the service he provides, but decided to check to see if there were any negative reviews on Google. Needless to say, there were.  Please find below my comments on what those I have read have to say.

The first thing to point out is that all any of them had done was visit the site, and then do a review on what it said.  One of them started by asking How Does It Work? and answering “You are supposed to join 5 programs that Stone Evans recommends. With these 5 programs, a person is supposed to build an income stream through the turnkey website that Stone Evans is supposed to make for you for free.”

The next question is How Much it Costs. The programs he recommended when the review was done are not the ones that are being recommended now. Under My Take is: “In the video he says if you join his 5 programs that he recommends, he will be making money. That part is true, Stone will be making money.” This is true only if you join under him. Most of the programs he suggests many people, including me, are also members of and he does not insist you join under him, so he will not be making any money from these.

Some time ago I came across a website that advised those reading not to directly review a program you wanted others to join, but find a similar one and do a scathing attack on it.   I, and it would seem others, rejected this, but not it seems those who have written reviews Stone Evans and his site.   They all invited me to join a similar program.

Most of the criticism of is of the programs people are asked to join. When the review was done the first one was GVO. It was assumed that this was the hosting part which is $44.95. But it was not, it was Pure Leverage, which costs $24.95 to use the tools and a further $19.95 to be an affiliate. When I joined it was the same and I was glad as I belong to both programs and have done so for a number of years. So I only had to give my username.

Both of these provide an autoresponder, which is the one thing every internet marketer has to have. No mention was made about this on the review. Stone has recently changed the autoresponder to Get Response. I have been able to join this for free for a month, but will have to pay next month.

He has retained another of GVO’s program’s Get Backup. This is a fairly new program and is in the process of being relaunched.

Another program is Dubli, which can be joined for free but the upgrade is only $99.00 a year. Those that upgrade in this program are given a lot of services which Stone usually charges for for free. So it is worth upgrading.

Another program is SFI, which has been one of the progams since I first encountered it. The last program you are asked to join is the latest to be included: ClixSense.

Reviews will be done on all these programs.

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