Pros and Cons of Advertising on the Internet

“We believe at least 25% of the revenue we earn currently could move to video. It also unlocks a new set of advertisers, who were earlier going to television,” Tewari added.

Internet Advertising

Pros and Cons of Internet Advertising

LogoEach form of advertising has its pros and cons and some of these will be looked at here. The earliest form of advertising on the internet were Safelists and Traffic Exchanges and these will be looked at in more depth in later posts.

Initially they were successful but as more and more people used them they ceased to be so successful and people started to look for different ways to advertise.  Many people now use  Social Media sites.  Some of them, like SoKule, started out as advertising sites for internet marketers.  Others, like Facebook, only provided quite some time afterwards.

Which brings us to one of the Cons:  Legitimate companies are being flooded with fake Likes on Facebook — and they’re being generated in part by abuse of Facebook’s own advertising tools.

An article by Jim Edwards in looks at this

Facebook Advertisers Complain Of A Wave Of Fake Likes Rendering Their Pages Useless

Business Insider

“It’s complicated, but here is how it works: Facebook lets people promote their pages with advertising tools called  “Suggested Posts” or “Suggested Pages.” For small sums of money, companies with a few hundred fans can dramatically increase the reach of their Facebook material so it gets seen by thousands of new users. Prices for these campaigns can cost as little as $50.”

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But These Are Often Bogus Clicks

They do get thousands of new fans but nothing happens, they do not visit the site as they are from click farms in Egypt and India.    Facebook provides no tools so they can be deleted, it has to be done individually.   Facebook knows about it and is trying to stop it.

There are many legitimate ways to advertise and also many devises that people can use to advertise.  In fact the newer ones, such an mobile phones have overtaken the older ones, such as desk and laptop computers. An article in by Pankaj Mishra looks at advertising on mobile phones.

InMobi Launches Interactive Video Ad Platform To Help Advertisers Boost Sales On Mobile

Tech Crunch Dot Com

InMobi  is making its biggest push so far in capturing a larger share of the $11.9 billion mobile advertising market, as it launches its new video ad platform today.   The new mobile video platform also underscores InMobi’s growing ambitions beyond being a pure ad network, and seriously challenge Google and Facebook as a more broad-based rival in the ecosystem. Last year in October, InMobi launched a white label app store for publishers to boost mobile ads.

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Help For Advertising On Your Mobile Phone

As more people are using their mobile phones for advertising more firms are providing tools to allow them to do so more easily and with greater effect.    And as people respond more to videos than text this is being provided for mobile phones, etc.   But people are still using desk and laptop computers.  An article in looks at what Amazon is doing about this.

Jason Del Rey in says:  “In many ways, Amazon’s advertising business still remains a mystery. The company doesn’t break out the size of it in its earning reports, and Amazon exec presentations on it at industry events are often low on details.”

Amazon Lays Foundation for Giant Video Advertising Business

“Research firm eMarketer estimated in the summer that Amazon’s ad revenue would top $800 million in 2013. That would mean the ad business represents about one percent of Amazon’s overall revenue, which would explain why the company has seemingly taken a slow and steady approach to expanding it; it’s not a core part of the overall business so the company can afford to be patient with it.”

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Video Advertising For Both Computers and Mobile Phones

Video producing facilities are being provided for both computers and mobile phones.   Here we have looked at what 2 firms are providing, but others are also providing ways to get video on devise and website.

Here we have looked at both the pros and cons of advertising on the internet.   In later posts we will look at different ways to advertise including on Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.



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