Reach For The Stars With Content Curation

“Think about ways to create suspense and anticipation with your existing content. Perhaps feature your Top 5 most popular articles. Contests and voting may work well with particular pieces of content, with people waiting to see who won. Even for B2B companies, you can count down the days to big industry events by teasing attendees with repurposed relevant content.” …

Reach For The Stars While Keeping Your Feet On The Ground

Learn From The Past How To Repurpose Content

In the USA in the 1980’s Carey Kasem broadcast his weekly American Top 40 each Sunday.  This was a 4 hour show and eagerly anticipated by young people.   We can learn from his approach and apply it to today’s Content Curation.   He found out what appealed to his listeners and gave it to them.  He created suspense by starting with No 40 and finishing with No 1.   In addition he provided information about the singers.

Kevin Howarth looks at this in Content-Science

Content Curation Keep Your Feet On The Ground Keep Reaching For The Stars

“Why bring up Kasem in a content-focused blog? The answer: expert content curation and repurposing. Kasem packaged seemingly mundane, boring content—each week’s 40 top-selling and played songs—into a format that made them thrilling and exciting. Sound like a familiar challenge? Your company may look at its content the same way someone might look at a raw list of the top-selling songs in the country. It’s data. So what? But how do you make your data, your content about products and services, your archived articles, and relevant external information exciting and captivating through content curation?  Let’s learn from Kasem and analyze what he did right so many years ago, counting down number five to number one!”

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Kasem connected with his audience emotionally and didn’t judge them

Find ways to emotionally connect your content with your audience. Recognize customers, partners, or people that matter to your business through highlighting case studies. Place the spotlight on thought leaders in your industry through interviews. Show your past and current support for charities and community events. Show photos and videos of your team. Project the human side of your business through your content.



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