Review of Genesis Global Network

Review of Genesis Global Network

GGN LogoJust like brick and mortar businesses, some internet marketers concentrate on one thing, but others are more like department stores.  Genesis Global Network is more like the latter.   Donald Bernardin owner says he wants to grow his company so that it is the Wallmart of internet markets.

Like those who open a department store he has to get people to do business with him.   And just as with a department store some things work while others do not.   Sometimes it is immediately apparent, at others it is not and it is only later that it is found not to be a good fit, etc and they have to part company.

Donald Bernardin has seen so many internet businesses being set up only to fail as they had ignored some law or other.  He was determined it would not happen to his and has a legal department who check everything before anyone hears about to see that it is legal.    And obviously he wants those who join his company as affiliates, to advertise and bring more people in, but they too have to be legal in what they do and not tell anyone that if they join they won’t have to do anything.

There are too many programs out there that do promise this.  They are usually here today and gone tomorrow.   But there are people who have joined and placing adverts that say just that.  No, he says, you have to do something to earn money.

Initially it was in beta, now it is in pre-launch.   Some of the programs initially in it have gone, as has the compensation plan.   Now a new one is being put in place.

No one knows how things will work out and has to experiment to find out.  This is what happened during the beta period.    But now the programs he wants to retain are in place after being checked by the appropriate people.

2 webinars have been held on which it was revealed what the structure would be and what programs are available.   Some are available only in the USA , others are available internationally.   He promises that more programs will be made available to those who do not live in the USA.

But what programs are available and where?   What is included in them.   This depends on which package you choose.  Initially there were 4 packages, but now there are only 3 and the prices have also changed.

The first is Pearl which is priced at $25.00 a month, and includes Silver Travel Package, 5 EBooks and the monthly fee.  It is the same for both the USA and Internationsl.  Next comes Ruby at $50.00.  It contains the same as the Pearl, but a Grocery Package is included for the USA and Cellular VOIP for International.  The last is the Emerald which contains the same as the above for International, with the exception that the Travel packages changes to Gold.   For the USA Family Health, Factory Direct, Factory Legal, Identity Theft Restoration and Roadside Service is also included.

Among the services included are: Health and Wellness, Insurance, Auction, Dial A Doctor and many more.    The fact that some are only available to US affiliates only means that International affiliates are unable to take advantage of them for themselves.   They are included for them to sell to those who do live in the US.

All programs included are and will be much cheaper than they can be purchased elsewhere.  But they are not all that is included.  To be able to qualify for payment certain tasks must be performed, such as looking at a number of adverts on 5 or 6 days.   Joining programs, etc.   This will be reviewed in a later post.

To find out more and join, click here.

In this post we have looked at the basic structure of the program.   In others the individual programs will be reviewed starting with Health and Wellness.



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