Safelists How To Make Them Work For You

Safelists are used to spread your promotions all over the internet for free, but with the birth of dozens of safelists every day, the results may be disappointing. .”

What Are The Best Offers For Safelists?

Not All Adverts Work Well On Safelists

All Safelists and credit based lists offer a free service and also upgrades.  Which is best depends on if you have more time than money or more money than time.  But how well you do with safelists depends on what you are advertising.   Some things do not do well at all.  But these can be overcome.

These are places to advertise and other places to advertise, such as Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, do well as do courses and free or low cost services.   One thing you must do before placing adverts in them, or any where else is ensure you have an autoresponder set up.

But what doesn’t work?   Physical products and medium and high cost products.  But these can be sold, but after you have got their name and email address.

A Post on Marisa Specogna’s blog looks at this

Safelist: For Which Kind Of Offers?


“You can have multiple safelists, at least 20, but consider that safelists users are doing the same, that is signing up to several safelists. At the end, your audience may be limited compared to what you expected. Try different hours of the day to reach different people.” 

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Whatever You Are Advertising Make Safelists Work For You

Some things, such as advertising, free reports, etc work better than physical goods and high priced items on Safelists, but even these can be advertised.  All you have to do is ensure you get their name and email address in your autoresponder by giving away a free report and then inviting them to look at the physical goods and higher priced items.



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