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“By activating your list builders, you are setting the system up to be able to send your ads to the resources through Traffic Zipper. This will make more sense once we get to the advertising steps.” …

Save Time and Get Results with Traffic Zipper

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This program is unique on the internet, there is not another like it.   It saves those using it at least an hour if not more a day.

A lot of “list builder” type programs hit the net in the last few years, . Programs like ListJoe, TheListAuction, DownlineBuilderDirect, List-Twister, ListBandit, ListDotCom, ListJumper, ListQuik, MyViralSurfer, TheListAuction, ViralAdsDepot, ViralAdStore, ViralAdsUnleashed, ViralUrl …

Janet Legere looks at this on


Once you are registered and your account confirmed, you want to Login to your Traffic Zipper members’ area and take a few moments to watch the Quick Start Video. The video is on the main page when you login.

2. Setup your system

Once logged in to Traffic Zipper, you will now need to spend some time and setup your system. This may take you awhile, so do plan to set aside some time to setup your Traffic Zipper account. It’s in setting up your system that you will save countless hours every month!

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Brain Child of Michael Purvis

He has launched other programs among them The List Auction and List Outbreak.  They are credit mailers.  They are naturally included in Traffic Zipper, but there are others and more are being added as they are launched and tested by others to see if they work as they should with those joining them being prepared to read what others have to say.

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