Total Takeover Has Launched

Total Takeover Has Launched

When it launched on Monday 26th January 2015 many of those who had subscribed when it was in Pre-Launch and free thought it would be worth their while to pay $89.95.   Obviously, as with other programs there are those who have not done so.

And obviously there are those who have heard about and the large number of those who joined and have decided not to.   And there are various reasons why they have not done so.    There are those who want to label any program many people have joined a scam, they insist they are protecting both themselves and others with their negativity.  But you can just as wrong being negative as being positive and joining a program that fails.

There are others who, though they decide not to join, can see the good points of programs and do reviews on it.  Most of those that were written even recently were done before the launch and the writers had to admit that things might turn out different to what they expected as they didn’t know what was available and wouldn’t until it was launched.

All of it is not available now, as there is a grace period of over a week for subscribers to arrange their payments.

Another criticism is that the owners have joined other programs that have failed, or they have left.   This may be a legitimate criticism, but would we apply it in other circumstances.   People change where they buy their food, etc and where they go on holiday, they change their homes, etc.  No one criticises them for doing so.  Why do those that doing the same on the internet not apply the same standards?

Total Takeover: Structure

There is no such thing as an absolutely unique program with a structure unlike anything else.   When people want to review an opportunity that is in pre launch or has only just launched they compare it to similar programs and ask how many similar programs have failed and base their conclusions on that.   But this isn’t foolproof, particularly when other similar programs have not only succeeded but stood the test of time and are still in existence and prospering.

In addition it may be structured to overcome the negative aspects of similar programs, which those reviewing it no nothing about.   Total Takeover assures us that they have.   They also say that if a person joins a program and doesn’t make money within a couple of months they leave and that what worked in the past doesn’t work now.

Another criticism is that what has been concentrated on has been the compensation plan.  They add that  this should be secondary and that a program should sell itself by what it offers apart from the compensation plan.   This is correct, but agains this is the fact that people join internet programs to make money and if they think they won’t they don’t join.

Total Takeover: What Is On Offer

As with all businesses if you don’t recruit others under you you won’t make money.   Here you only need to recruit 4.  2: 2 and 4 are passed up to your sponsor, but you still benefit from them to the tune of $20.00, which your sponsor getting $25.00.  1 and 3 bring you $45.00 a month as does everone else you recruit,  with their 2 and 4 being passed up to you.

Recruiting and keeping others is the thing that those who turn their hand to internet marketing most often fail on.   Total Takeover promises that with this program this will be a thing of the past.

It is said that to succeed in any business you have to give people what they want and this is the basis on which this program operates.   And from the vaste number of people who pre-enrolled and have now upgraded it certainly seems as though they are ‘Walking the Walk’ as well ‘Talking the Talk’.    And practicing what they preach.

They also realise that how one person does things is not the same as how someone else does it and everyone has certain people they are more at home with than others because they think and act similarly.   It is not that they act better or worse, just different.   We are not clones of each other no matter that some people think we should be.

With this in mind they are going to provide us with people from all walks of life and ways of doing things, so that we have a large number of mentors to choose from.   The fact that one of the owners has done this before is not a minus, as some would have us believe, but a plus.  If it worked in the past it will do so again.

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