Welcome To Internet Tools For All

Welcome To Internet Tools For All

More and more people are setting up internet businesses, and wonder what they need to start one. And also how much they will cost. It was not long ago that some of the tools an internet marketer needed were an expense with no way of making them not an expense, but an investment. But this is no longer the case. Everything needed can not be looked at as an expense because they have an affiliate element to them. Everything I will be recommending comes into this category.

Internet Tools: What is Needed First

Many people think that the first thing they should do is set themselves with a website, either their own or one supplied by someone else and pay someone to host it.

But it isn’t, the first thing any internet marketer needs this is an autoresponder. The reason for this is because “You Have To Build Your List”. You do need a website, but only a Squeeze Page with a form on it for people to give you their name and email address in return for free entry to a membership site, a book, or whatever else it is you wish to give away in return.

Once you have someone on your list you can send them a series of message, which you can load into your autoresponder to be sent out on a regular basis. You can also send them broadcast messages, which are one off messages sent to everyone telling them about a new program you have joined, something you want to give them, an invitation to attend a meeting, etc.

You may be thinking you don’t know what to write about. But this is no problem now. You will want to join other programs and most of them provide a series of emails for you to put into your autoresponder, so that they become not an expense, but a source of income.

Internet Tools: Trainers and Training

The 2nd thing, some people think the first, you should do is get yourself some training. Initially those who wanted to become internet marketers had to work it out for themselves, but now more and more of those who have succeeded are giving training. Some provide it free, others charge for it. Those who charge for it often only provide training and do not have a program that they sell. By getting a trainer and training you become part of a team with others who are receiving the same training and therefore have people who can help you if you are stuck not knowing how to do something. In the groups I belong to we are told not to be stuck but ask and get help.

Internet Tools: Decide what you want to concentrate on

Once you have set yourself up with training, etc you will want to decide what you want to concentrate on. Some people say to pick a topic that interests you. Others say to find out what others need and give it to them.   There advice is “Find A Hungry Market, and Feed It”.  There are many Hungry Markets that you can do both.  If you don’t like what are doing you are likely to give it when you encounter problems, which you will. Whatever it is you decide to major on you will need to know what is working and what is not. Things change and you will not want to get left behind doing things which worked at one time, but do not now. Or if they do they will not work so well. And that applies to the last thing we will look at in this opening post:

Internet Tools: Advertising

Initially there were very few places to advertise and forms of advertising. A couple of forms that been around for some time and are still used are Traffic Exchanges and Safe/Credit Lists. With both of these you join and agree to receive messages from other people in return for you advertising to them. With both of them you can surf to earn credits and/or buy credits. Most of them periodically offer credits at a discounted price and also offers to upgrade your membership at a reduced price. This can be for Lifetime, Yearly and Monthly.

In this post we have looked at tools every internet marketer needs. In the next one you will be introduced to the ones I use in each category with later posts looking at each of them and others in more detail.



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