Internet Tools Why I Use The Ones I Do

Internet Tools: Why I Use The Ones I Do

The way most people get into internet marketing is by putting something like make money from home, home business, etc into Google and seeing what comes up that interests them. That was how I got into internet marketing. Some people do it to supplement their income and want to keep on working. Others, like myself, do it to supplement their pension. Which tells you that I am over 60. In fact I am in my late 70’s.

Like everyone else I use the tools I do because of what I chose to click on in the above mentioned search. Like others I tried one thing and then another. I knew I needed to get together with others and receiving help from those who were already established internet marketers. Some of the tools people use are provided by people who are not themselves internet marketers. But the ones I will be recommending in this post are.

Internet Tools: Autoresponder

The autoresponder I would like to recommend that you use is part of a suite of tools provided by GoGVO and is part of a package called Host Then Profit. They are provided by Joel Therien who started out by providing hosting and Conferencing software. That is how I joined them. He is a Canadian but moved to San Antonio in Texas, USA after he was told that they were not able to provide him with the facilities he needed. He looked around and found that San Anotonio could. So he moved his whole operation down there together with his partner and his family.

He knew that most hosting companies rented their buildings, equipment, etc. He said that he knew it wasn’t for him so he bought everything and in addition does not have shareholders who know nothing about internet marketing and have to be consulted before he can do things. He says that the only people he consults are the internet marketers who use the services he provides. In fact people have commented on how quickly something they have usggested 1s implemented.

Because of this he can afford to pay his affiliates much more than his competitors do and also charge less for the services he provides. He says that when anyone is wanting to purchase something, the price always plays a part. But price does not always have to do with how much money it costs, people do pay more because of the higher value of the purchase. For instance I try as far as possible to buy organic food because I don’t like the way most food is grown.

Above conferencing software was mentioned. Unlike other conference software this is internet based. All you have to do is login just as you do with any membership site. You do not have to download anything as you with other firms. When I first starting attending the training they provide one of their trainers was Janet Legere.

Which brings us to:

Internet Tools: Training

It is the training provided by Janet Legere that I want to concentrate on in this section. One of the first programs she produced was Contact List Builder (CLB) which she enlarged at the end of 2011 and has recently rewritten. She says that so many training programs assume that those attending know more than they do, but CLB does not. She starts it at the beginning, and gives things in steps. Do this first and when you have the first thing set up go on to the 2nd and so on.

People do things on the internet, but what they do is with people. They want to know who they are doing business with. So the first thing to do when we join a program, and that includes CLB is to set up your Profile. Tell those who subscribe who you are what you do and also give some personal information. The next thing we are told to do is to to the Downline Builder and join the programs in it starting with GVO’s Host then Profit. Before accessing it to set up the autoresponder a Lead Capture Page (LCP) is needed. There are a lot of firms providing software to allow you to do this. One of the easiest to use is AdKreator and a link to join this comes next. Once you have joined these programs you are invited to put your affiliate link into the box provided so that when people join it they do so under you and if they upgrade you get paid.

There are other programs that provide easy to use software to make LCP’s which will be reviewed in later posts.

Training on CLB is given to subscribers, both free and paid, at various times and days during the week.   She does change this.  She gives training on other programs she and her husband Don are part owners of. One of these is Prospect Geyser, whose other owner and producer is James Stone. This is an advertising program which brings us to:

Internet Tools: Advertising

When people started to do internet marketing there were so few of them that it was easy for people to visit it, but this is no longer the case and hasn’t been for some time. The first website offering advertising were traffic exchanges and safelists. The first safelists just offered those who subscribed somewhere to advertise with no incentive for people to look at other peoples ads. This lead to credit based lists where people are given credits for clicking on links in the emails they receive.

These are still a popular way to advertise in fact more and more are appearing.

But as more and more people started to set up internet businesses different sorts of anvertising started to appear and programs that started out as something else, for example, social media, started to offer advertising.

Advertising will be looked at in more depth in later posts.

In the next post autoresponders will be looked at in more depth.



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