Why Use Autoresponders

Why Use Autoresponders

There are many ways of keeping in touch with subscribers and others who you meet on the internet, but most of them have the drawback that those who want to keep in touch have to be available at the same time and with some only a limited number can participate at the same time.   Autoresponders do not have these drawbacks.

With them you can put messages in and tell them when to send them.   A series of messages can be put in with instructions to send them out a day, a couple of days, a week, etc after the previous one.   With these messages they are sent out in sequence the first after they join, so different people receive them on different days.   You can also send out Broadcast Messages to everyone at the same time, at whatever time, and/or day you want to send.

Some Autoresponders require those who use them to host them on their website.   Those that use them do so because they are usually cheaper than using an external one such as Aweber, Get Response.   But it is not worth the risk.   If someone complains that you are scamming them you are on your own, particularly if you don’t operate a double optin policy.  This means that require them to click on a link in the email you send them asking them to confirm that they wish to join and it was them requesting it and not someone else.

Which Autoresponder is the Best

My personal choose is the one supplied by GVO.   It is part of their hosting package and with Pure Leverage.   This means that it is part of a package and not a stand alone one like Aweber, Get Response, etc.   Another good reason for choosing it is because they don’t increase the amount they charge no matter how many subscribers you get unlike the others.

This post was being done on Saturday 8th March 2014 and this was the topic of a talk from Janet Legere for her Saturday Training.  She asked us which one we used and if we used more than one which was our main one.  Nearly everyone said GVO.  She was pleased and said it was her’s too.

Autoresponder: What Should Your Messages Contain

She asked us if we, like everyone else, fell for the ‘latest shiny object’ and we had to admit that we had.  She suggested doing a message about it and put it in our autoresponder.   Other messages should include messages asking them to get in touch, and giving them means to do so i.e. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You don’t have to do long messages only have to say why we had bought, joined etc, ask them to check it out and then get in touch to discuss it.

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